“I praise and thank God that he brought me to North Georgia Chiropractic. In 2003 I developed Achilles tendonitis in my right heel. I suffered sever inflammation and pain for nearly three and a half years. I didn’t think that it would ever heal without a miracle. By 2007, my limping for so long had hurt my lower back and had greatly affected the condition of my heel. It began to trouble me with severe pain and stress. I could hardly move around or sleep from the pain in my hip and lower back. I did not understand why this was happening to me at such a young age.

I decided to try chiropractic for help. When I first met you, I thought you were a cool guy. I received a diagnosis very quickly, and you gave me great hope that you could help me. Though I came for my lower back and hip, you also adjusted my right foot, hoping to help my heel. Congratulations, my lower back and hip are well, and so is my foot! With your continued help, I have the hope of many years of good health. Thank you so much for allowing Jesus to use your hands. God bless you and North Georgia Chiropractic in Jesus Name.”

“My trouble began with pain in my lower back and right leg. After several visits to other health facilities, I decided to try spinal decompression. After finishing my initial treatment plan, I now have a greater mobility in my back and lower extremities. I am now able to once again walk 2-3 miles a day. Thank North Georgia Chiropractic.”
P. Hayes

“Before coming to North Georgia Chiropractic, I was in pain for over 2 years. I struggled with low back pain that traveled down my leg. I was taking up to 5 pain pills a day just to get by. I had to stop doing things I enjoyed, like working in my garden. I had an MRI taken, and back surgery seemed to be my only option. So, I decided to try spinal decompression. After my first week of spinal decompression at North Georgia Chiropractic, I was able to stop taking my pain medication. My pain decreased significantly and I had an increase in my range of motion in my lower back. Thanks to spinal decompression, I am able to plant tomatoes and work in my garden without pain.”
H. Thornburg

“Allie is 10 years old and has been hurting for a year. Her heel and ankle was really hurting. After several visits to Vanderbilt and other local doctors, Dr. Shaun’s office was the answer to our many prayers. Allie was scheduled for a spine blocker and after our visit to Dr. Shaun…she did not have to have any of that done. This office was amazing!!! They will NEVER know what all they have done!! They went well above and beyond anyone to help her and her pain ! Thank you and God Bless.”
The Schlageter’s

“In January 2012, my right arm was in great pain. I didn’t know what was wrong. I went to my medical doctor. She said she didn’t know what was wrong, and that she would have to send me to a specialist. Then I remembered that I had a coupon for x-rays and treatment at North Georgia Chiropractic. I called to make an appointment. They told me to come on in and they would check out my pain. From the x-rays, Dr. Shaun discovered my neck was in pretty bad shape, and that was the root of my arm pain. He said he could fix it. Within days, my arm quit hurting, and my neck is getting better every week. Dr. Shaun is also fixing my carpal tunnel. The Staff at North Georgia Chiropractic are very good to me, and are a great help. Thank you Dr. Shaun.”
Debbie V.

“When I first met Dr. Shaun Roach, at North Georgia Chiropractic, I was on a walker. I had pain in my back and my legs would not support me. After x-rays and an exam, Dr. Roach set up my treatment schedule and gave me my first adjustment. Two days later, I went in on a cane and that Friday, I walked in unaided. I am now on a maintenance schedule and feel great. He and his staff are great, and I highly recommend their services.”
Kay S.