Welcome to North Georgia Chiropractic

North Georgia Chiropractic is located in Downtown Ringgold, GA. We have been serving the Northwest Georgia/Chattanooga area since 2000. Our goal is to serve the community through health and wellness care that is cost efficient.

We believe in educating our patients so that they are fully informed about the services we provide and how it directly relates to their condition. This allows patients to better make decisions about their health and wellness. We take pride in making sure everyone understands their options and the solutions that are available. We encourage patients to ask any questions they may have. We will be happy to answer them to your satisfaction.

About Our Office

Our highly trained doctors and staff are here to treat our patients in the best way possible. We have a calling to serve our patients with love and compassion through chiropractic care. Our desire is to relieve pain as soon as possible, and get our patients on the road to recovery and wellness. Our office offers chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression therapy, Deep Tissue Laser, massage therapy, trigger point therapy, and physiotherapy.

Patient Testimonials

My husband saw Dr. Smith at the Ringgold location due to back and leg pain. His treatment and spinal decompression helped him tremendously. All of his staff were very helpful and kind..I would highly recommend them over the big fancy competition that is much more expensive.

Sheryl E.

Dr. Smith is a no non-sense fix-you-quick type of Chiropractor. Doesn’t order needless/endless x-rays, tests and what not. He also tries to address as many issues as possible during the visit instead of a long string of mandatory appointments, one for each ache/aliment – is pretty generous with his service. Session typically involves setting and a free electric massage. Don’t really need to have insurance to be able to use him. Very reasonable cash price.

Sri N.

Very friendly staff. Comfortable environment. All of the staff make you feel at home and are very courteous. Dr. Smith is always friendly and social while getting straight to work. Great people, great place. Very affordable.

Steven H.

Working on getting my back fixed. They have helped a lot.

Jeremy M.

Always a pleasant and friendly experience at their office. He’s saved me from a few “jams” in my back. I can usually get in and out within 10-30 minutes depending on my schedule.

Christopher K.

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